Council liaison assignments

Back in May at the new Council member orientation prior to the actual Council meeting, one of the key things that we learned about was our role in being a liaison between Council and various component groups (sections, roundtables, committees, working groups, etc.). Our role as Council liaison to a group is two-fold: take information from the group leadership to Council and take information from Council to group leadership. The amount of work that this requires varies based on the group. Some groups are more active than others. Some groups have more questions than others. Some groups are more product-based than others. Etc. Etc. Lots of factors can impact how your role as Council liaison plays out.

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Getting starting in SAA leadership

A quick, not-really-related-Council note. I’ve seen a lot of emails and blog posts go up recently from various SAA component groups looking for folks to run for elected position for 2016-2017. Lots of them from lots of different groups. If you have an interest in professional leadership within SAA, elected office in one of these groups is a great way to get started, meet more people in the profession, and (hopefully) help others by advancing conversations around your component group’s focus area.

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Getting to know you: SAA Council Orientation

Getting elected to SAA Council for me was a mix of “so excited! so awesome!” and “crap! what did I get myself into!” So learning that there was going to be a kind of onboarding for us newly-elected folks made me feel much better. We’ve got four new Council members (me, Courtney Chartier, and Bertram Lyons, all elected to three-year terms, and Michelle Light, a previous Council member elected to fill the last year of a term that had been vacated) and a new Vice-President/President elect (Tanya Zanish-Belcher, who previously served on Council).

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The room where it happens

In my candidate statement for SAA Council, one thing that I mentioned was providing more outlets for folks to learn about what SAA is doing. So that’s what I’m going to do here. Just give folks insight into what it is that I do as a newly-elected member of SAA Council. SAA does a good job of making agenda items and meeting minutes available on their website, so I won’t rehash any of that (although I’ll link to it a lot).

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