Talking points from November Council meeting

I wanted to pass along some quick talking points that came out of the November Council meeting that was held earlier this week (Monday-Wednesday). I will highlight the next-to-last bullet point, which includes a link out to the member affinity group transition work plan that was approved. If you are a leader of a roundtable (soon to be a section), you should be hearing soon from Felicia Owens with additional details very soon.

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Try 5 – try it!

We’ve got a few more days before the first batch of materials for the November Council meetings are available, so in the meanwhile, I wanted to make sure folks know about current SAA President Nance McGovern’s “Try5” Initiative.  This initiative encourages archivist to try five new technical things and share their experiences. Fellow Council member Bert Lyons just published a blog post about his ideas for Try5.

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Catching up with Council work

Long time, no update. Sorry about that! September is the single busiest month in our University Archives, and this one has been particularly hectic. We have six student researchers (three undergrads, three grad students — all paid!!) who will be working with us this year on projects related to our upcoming 125th anniversary. And we have 73 classes booked this semester (for perspective, we had 100 in all of last year, and that was a 56% increase in classes over the previous year — and we’re not a huge staff at all). Next week, I have my final seven classes of the semester, which will wrap things up for me until the Spring.

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August 6th Council meeting (and what I’m currently thinking re: my spot on Council)

As I mentioned in my last post, the SAA annual meeting wrapped up for me with a short Council meeting. This was the first for Courtney, Bert, and me as officially seated, voting Council members. This meeting was very short (just over an hour long), and was primarily scheduled so that we could discuss any issues that arose over the course of the meeting. So the agenda was very light.

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What I Did in Atlanta: the SAA Annual Meeting as a Newly Elected Council Member

I’m finally home and settled in after a long week in Atlanta for SAA’s annual meeting. I wrote a few days ago about our August 1st Council meeting that took place while we were there. But I also wanted to write a bit about the experience of attending Council as a newly-elected Council member. This year’s annual meeting was a particularly crazy one because I was balancing obligations from pre- and post-Council election.

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Notes from August 1st Council meeting

Every year at the start of the SAA annual meeting, Council holds a day-long meeting at the conference hotel. This year, that meeting was on Monday, August 1st. As with the Council meeting in Chicago in May, we newly-elected folks were invited to attend this meeting — the last before we’re officially seated at the Council meeting on August 6th after the SAA business meeting.

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August 1st Council Meeting

SAA Council will have an all-day meeting on Monday, August 1st at the start of the annual meeting. The first posting of the Council agenda is up now. You’ll see attachments, including reports from many groups and committees. But this is just the first posting. More materials will be added (there are at least nine more documents still to come!), and the second (final) posting will take place on Wednesday, July 27th. Then, we’ll also have a zip file to more readily download the documents we’ll be discussing in Atlanta.

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